The Gate (1987) 1987 Blu ray HD 720P Hindi-English

The Gate (1987)
The Gate (1987)
Rating 6.9 / 10
Genre Fantasy, Horror
Release Date 1987-03-15
Quality Blu ray HD 720P
Size 680 MB
Language Hindi-English
Directore Tibor Takács
Stars Cast Stephen Dorff, Louis Tripp, Christa Denton
Post Date 2018-04-16

Twelve-year-old Glen has a nightmare of finding his home abandoned, then going into his tree-house only for it to be struck by lightning and collapse. When he awakes he finds that in his backyard, workers have cut down the same tree from his nightmare and unearthed a geode. Glen returns with older friend Terry to investigate. Though the workers attempted to fill the hole left by the tree, Glen and Terry breach the surface, finding a large geode. Glen catches a splinter and leaves a small bit of blood behind. Glen's parents leave town for three days, placing his 16-year-old sister Alexandra ("Al") in charge. While Al throws a party, Terry and Glen break open the geode after discovering it has left strange writing on a notepad, and read the incantations aloud.

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