The Doll Master (2004) 2004 Blu ray 480P Hindi-Korean

The Doll Master (2004)
The Doll Master (2004)
Rating 5.8 / 10
Genre Horror, Thriller
Release Date 2004-07-30
Quality Blu ray 480P
Size 833 MB
Language Hindi-Korean
Directore Jeong Yong-ki
Stars Cast Yu-mi Kim, Eun-kyeong Lim, Hyeong-tak Shin
Post Date 2018-04-08

60 years ago, a doll-maker and a woman in a red kimono (Jeong Yu-mi) fell in love in the Korean countryside, and the doll-maker made a doll in her image. Later, when the red kimono woman was found murdered, the blame was put on the doll-maker. He was arrested and killed by vigilantes in the woods. Not content to be without her maker, the doll sat by his grave for all eternity. In present day, Hae-mi (Kim Yoo-mi), a sculptor, Tae-seong (Shim Hyung-tak), a model looking for work, Young-ha (Ok Ji-young), a woman who talks to her doll like it's alive, Jung-ki (Im Hyung-joon), a photographer, and Sun-young (Lee Ka-yeong), a ditzy high school student, arrive at an isolated doll museum after receiving an invitation that dolls will be made in their image.

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