The Butterfly Effect 3 2009 Blu ray 480P Hindi-English

The Butterfly Effect 3
The Butterfly Effect 3
Rating 5.6 / 10
Genre Crime, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Release Date 2009-01-09
Quality Blu ray 480P
Size 301 MB
Language Hindi-English
Directore Seth Grossman
Stars Cast Chris Carmack, Rachel Miner
Post Date 2018-04-08

Sam Reide (Chris Carmack) witnesses a woman being killed, then wakes up in an ice-filled bathtub, his vitals being monitored by his sister Jenna (Rachel Miner). Sam can travel back to any time and location during his lifetime (occupying the body of that time in his life), needing only to concentrate on where and when he wishes to arrive. He has helped the local police capture criminals under the guise of being a psychic. Sam pays his sister Jenna's rent and buys her groceries, as she rarely leaves the apartment and lives in squalor. Later that night, Elizabeth (Sarah Habel), the sister of Sam's murdered girlfriend Rebecca (Mia Serafino), arrives at Sam's apartment. She believes that the man about to be executed for her sister's murder, Lonnie Flennons (Richard Wilkinson), is innocent, and she offers to pay Sam to find the real murderer.

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