Jinn (2014) 2014 Blu ray 720P Hindi-English

Jinn (2014)
Jinn (2014)
Rating 4.2 / 10
Genre Thriller
Release Date 2014-04-04
Quality Blu ray 720P
Size 987 MB
Language Hindi-English
Directore Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad
Stars Cast Ray Park, erinda Swan, Dominic Rains, William Atherton, Faran Tahir, Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad
Post Date 2018-10-12

In 1901, a man enters a forest where he encounters an abandon shack with a jinn sitting and waiting on the man. He starts to recite a prayer and the jinn attacks him. The man, Jehamgir Amin, tries to grab the bottle of holy water but drops it and the jinn pulls him into the hole. The man climbs out and as the jinn again attacks him he throws the holy water on it and it retreats. The jinn swears vengeance and curses the man's family down through the generations. The man and the jinn charge at each other and the screen goes to black. A 113 years later, Shawn and Jasmine are a happy couple living in California. Shawn gets a delivery, an early birthday present of a note and VHS tape. While receiving the tape he looks over to his neighbor's apartment and sees a figure staring out of the window waving at them.

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