Ghutan (2007) 2007 Blu ray 720P Hindi

Ghutan (2007)
Ghutan (2007)
Rating 5.2 / 10
Genre Horror
Release Date 2007-06-08
Quality Blu ray 720P
Size 540 MB
Language Hindi
Directore Shyam Ramsay
Stars Cast Aryan Vaid, Tarun Arora, Heena Rehman, Pooja Bharti, Amit Shanker
Post Date 2018-10-30

The movie opens with a scene where Ravi Kapoor (Aryan Vaid) and his friend Jaggu (Tarun Arora) entering a graveyard in a car with Catherine's (Heena Rehman) body. When they dig the land Catherine comes in to consciousness and Jaggi suggests to bury her alive. Catherine begs Ravi to kill her before burying & starts screaming that she doesn't want to die and she is afraid to be in the darkness. But Ravi and Jaggi forcefully drag & put her inside a coffin while she helplessly watches them closing it. They bury her alive and she dies. The Flashback is then narrated by Ravi Kapoor, Managing Director of Catherine Exports and Jaggu, Export Executive and his best friend.

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